Trade Forex

with Merit Financial Services

Trade the world’s largest financial market, use our advanced trading tools to gain an edge and know when and what to trade with our research offering.

Why Forex


You can increase your profit by trading up to 100 times your money.


Trade from your Smart Phone wherever you have Internet!


Not only the rise of markets; You can trade according to the decline.


The advantage of continuous trading! *

Easy access to all the markets

For your own comfort you can use our web-based platform.

Also, you can download the FREE application for your iPhone or Android device.

  • Android - Phones
  • iOS - iPhones
  • Android - Tablets
  • iOS - iPads


Take control over your trades no matter what instruments you are trading with. Trading on the market could be much simpler when you have the following features:

  • Stop Limit / Stop Loss / Trailing Stop
  • Guaranteed Stop
  • FREE Notifications
  • Negative balance protection :Your trading losses CANNOT exceed the funds in your account
  • Greater trading protection with our strong risk management feature

Trade with 50+ Forex pairs with up to 1:100 leverage

Trade Forex with up to 1:100 leverage on competitive, tight spreads and fast, reliable execution. Take advantage of market movements across the major, minor and some exotic currencies.

Extensive research offering

Use our extensive trading tools and research offering to know when and what to trade. Let us support you in identifying market trends, stay up to date with real-time news and learn about different trading strategies that fit your needs.