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Why CFDS ?


By using leverage, you can easily managing your trading positions more flexible as minimizing your risk and maximizing your profits.


These days the technologies give us very easy access to the financial markets. With our online application, you are just 1 step away from the next profitable opportunity. All you should have is a smartphone and internet.


Whatever trading idea you have, by trading CFDs you won’t be limited to execute it. You can make profits either when the market is going up or down.

Easy access to all the markets

For your own comfort you can use our web-based platform.

Also, you can download the FREE application for your iPhone or Android device.

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New to trading

Following our policies, we in MeritFin realize that every beginning requires extra efforts and assistance. The education takes main place in the financial world. Regarding your education we provide a wide range of educational tools and videos, so all of our clients can take advantage of the market with confidence.

  • Videos on demand
  • Educational blog
  • Webinars
  • 1 on 1 training
  • Workshops

Who We Are?

We are boutique broker with more than 20 years of experience that provides FOREX and CFDs to retail and institutional traders deep interbank liquidity, razor sharp pricing and best-in-class technology for strategy building, order routing and low latency execution.With more than 20 years of solid experience,
we have accumulated considerable knowledge and expertise in offering our clients high-value investment

We have a rich product portfolio for both institutional and private clients, which includes brokerage services and asset management. The company stepped ahead of the competition by achieving financial innovations through integration of latest software and dedicated development process. The combination of a hi-tech approach and strong reputation has persuaded to our clients to entrust publicly traded stocks and other securities to MeritFin Among the list of our clients there are public and private entities, mutual funds, international investment companies and many more.


Take control over your trades no matter what instruments you are trading with. Trading on the market could be much simpler when you have the following features:

  • Stop Limit / Stop Loss / Trailing Stop
  • Guaranteed Stop
  • FREE Notifications
  • Negative balance protection :Your trading losses CANNOT exceed the funds in your account
  • Greater trading protection with our strong risk management feature
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