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Key features for trading CFDs on Indices:

  • Since you can take both short and long positions with CFDs, a bearish market holds the same risks for incurring losses, but it also offers potential opportunities for profit.
  • Indices receive dividends depending on the net dividend of the shares they are composed of. FXTM clients trading CFDs on Indices benefit from these dividends.
  • With CFDs, the same margin requirements apply regardless of whether you’re selling or buying.
  • Trading CFDs on Indices is far less costly than trading the underlying index, but offers the potential to deliver similar gains and losses.
  • While many traders find CFDs appealing, always remember that they carry the same risk as trading any leveraged asset.

New to indices trading?

A stock index is a hugely important part of our financial world, but it is nothing more than a number representing the top shares from a particular exchange.

For example, the FTSE 100 represents the largest 100 companies traded on the London Stock Exchange. If, on average, the share price of these companies goes up – then the FTSE 100 will rise with them. And if they fall, it will drop.

Other examples of stock indices include

  • Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P (US)
  • DAX and CAC (Europe)
  • Hang Seng, Nikkei and ASX (Asia-Pacific)

Most of these are calculated using a capitalisation-weighted average, which means the size of each company is taken into account. The more a particular company is worth, the more its share price will affect the index as a whole.

However, the Dow Jones and Nikkei are price-weighted indices, where shares with higher prices have more influence. This means a stock trading at $100 is given 10 times more weight than one at $10.

Trade index and Futures on indices with MeritFin

Trade the most popular stock indices around the world and take leveraged advantage of market movements generated by corporate news and world events.

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  • Tight spreads from 0.39pts
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Trade indices with leverage

Trade the indices of the most liquid stocks listed in Asia, Europe, the US and Africa and take advantage of market opportunities in rising and falling stock markets across the globe. Use index CFDs to diversify or protect your existing long term investments against adverse market movements.

Free live prices and historical data

Analyse indices in real-time or how events affected global stock prices historically with our advanced research offering and the MetaTrader 4 technical analysis tools. Over 30 built-in indicators, 9 timeframes and an unlimited number of charts help you to identify trends, define entry and exit levels and make better informed trading decisions.

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